TDC has received your mail where you demand that TDC removes the access to some copyright material that is placed on a server belonging to TDC.

In order to understand TDC's position in this connection, it is important precisely to know which service that TDC supplies to its customers. TDC is relative to the owner of the URL in question so-called Host Provider. This means that TDC solely supplies server space to this owner in the form of a certain amount of data capacity that this owner hereinafter personally has at his disposal. The owner may thus at his own option place contents on the purchased capacity and may in addition to that at any time without TDC's intervention or knowledge change this contents on this server space.

TDC is Host Provider for many homepage owners. These owners have in total placed millions of pages on TDC's servers. TDC does not check what these homepage owners place on their pages, because this is impossible in practice, but also because this is not the duty of the company, as TDC only provides server capacity and as such only acts as technical supplier.

Therefore TDC is without responsibility for the contents of the homepages that use TDC server capacity.

For this reason TDC may unfortunately not comply with your request and the company may thus refer you to bring the parties mutual dispute before the ordinary courts before TDC might take any further steps. If you believe that your complaint regards a violation of applicable criminal laws, you should contact the data crime unit of the local Police.